Henrietta Lovell
Speaker Profile

The Ultimate Tea Lady and Entrepreneur

Watch Henrietta talk about her taste journey here

Henrietta is the founder of The Rare Tea Company, a specialist tea company on a mission to convert the world’s teabag drinkers to tea in the finest sense of the word.  Henrietta abandoned a successful career in Corporate Finance to follow her passion rather than build her bank balance.  With a commitment to flavour and to the farmers who produce it, she’s built a successful ethical business that is one of the leaders in its field.

What the Audience can Expect
Henrietta travels all over the world in search of the finest teas, going straight to the source to meet the farmers who dedicate their lives to producing the best tea leaves.  'One day I was sitting in my office and out of the blue I received a parcel from Malawi – when I tasted the tea in London I almost fell off my chair, I was blown away and had to come and meet the people and see the place that makes tea this good...'.

When not off in exotic parts of the world, Henrietta lives in London and runs her thriving company selling teas to her fans which range from Angelica Huston -  ‘Henrietta's white silver tip tea is simply exquisite’ - to writer Alexander McCall Smith who has written stories inspired by her tea.

Henrietta won the Observer 2009 Best Online Retailer award and has featured everywhere from TIME magazine, to Die Welt in Germany, to our very own Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4.

Her Presenting Style
Henrietta’s passion and enthusiasm for her business is contagious.  Her story is inspirational, she’s proof that it’s possible to combine both profit and passion.  She’s warm, eloquent and captivating, as she shares the secrets of success with lyrical tales of her adventures sparked by a love affair with tea.

See Henrietta in action for yourself on her wonderful Tea V.

Enthusiastic, irreverent, inspirational, informative and very funny.

Henrietta presents in English. 

Further information
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