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Lucas Alexander Whitley is active in all areas of representation (including speaking, licensing, brand, film and television deals) and operates with individuality and commitment. Small enough to be friendly, big enough to operate effectively in a global market, always imaginative, we not only look for the best deals for our clients but also plan their long term careers.

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Latest News

Who is Solomon Creed?

Simon Toyne's hugely successful Sanctus trilogy was a sensation at the London Book Fair in 2010 and has now been translated into 27 languages. The master of high-concept, thrilling story-telling with a strong philosophical element, Simon's fantastic new thriller series Solomon Creed launches at LBF 2015 with a cover reveal and the first of five books will publish in September (Harper Collins, UK and USA). The author teased readers with the first chapter of the manuscript at HarperCollins' Killer Crime Fest in Brighton Waterstones in March this year and will be appearing at Thriller Fest in New York in the summer. He talked about his new work in an exclusive for Killer Reads:

"Solomon Creed is a modern thriller about a man on an epic journey of self-discovery. When we first meet him he is walking barefoot down a long, straight desert road. He has no idea how he got there or who he is but he can name all the plants and animals surrounding him. He only has to look at something to get a torrent of information tumbling through his head. He looks at his hand. Nothing. It seems he knows everything about everything but nothing about himself.

There's a town in the distance, shimmering in the heat, emergency vehicles driving away from it, and towards him, at speed, which makes him feel panicked. There is a sign by the side of the road. The name of the town ahead. It is Redemption. He feels he needs to get there. That's where he will find answers. He keeps on walking towards the town and the screaming sirens.
That's how it starts."

Julia Wisdom, editor, Harper Collins said: 

"We were all fascinated to know where Simon would go after his fantastically imaginative Ruin trilogy. And he certainly didn't disappoint: the concept behind the Solomon Creed series blew us away. I won't disclose the big reveal but we are all tremendously excited by what he has planned; we believe its scope and impact will be even greater than Sanctus."