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LAW – Literary Agency

Lucas Alexander Whitley is active in all areas of representation (including speaking, licensing, brand, film and television deals) and operates with individuality and commitment. Small enough to be friendly, big enough to operate effectively in a global market, always imaginative, we not only look for the best deals for our clients but also plan their long term careers.

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Our literary agents are happy to consider submissions from new authors, but please be aware that we are a small literary agency with a busy client list and we take on only a handful of new clients each year from the thousands of approaches made to us, many of which are from established writers and artists. If you are a new author, please read the submission guidelines before doing anything else.

Latest News

Fighting Fantasy - classics reignited

Thirty-five years ago, before the world of computer gaming, Fighting Fantasy set fire to traditional reading by creating a series that made the reader the hero of every story. This classic series of adventure gamebooks is now about to be republished in 2017 for a new generation, along with a brand-new gamebook by Ian Livingstone for readers aged 8+, The Port of Peril (Scholastic). Future titles are also planned for 2018.

Almost 20 million copies of Fighting Fantasy have been sold worldwide in nearly 30 languages and the series has a legion of high-profile fans, including Charlie Higson: 'Before there were video games, before kids could get lost in the labyrinth that is the Internet, before The Lord Of The Rings films, Game of Thrones and the reboot of Doctor Who turned everyone onto fantasy and sci-fi, there were the Fighting Fantasy books. A new way of telling stories and in many ways the birth of modern gaming, these books captured the imagination of a generation of kids - and locked them in the Deathtrap Dungeons. It's great to think that a new generation of kids are going to be similarly captivated.'

Creative and entrepreneurial from a young age, Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone co-founded the iconic Games Workshop in 1975 launching Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer in Europe. Together they then co-authored The Warlock of Firetop Mountain launching the Fighting Fantasy in 1982 with Puffin Books and becoming best-selling authors overnight. They went on to develop individual success in digital gaming, with Steve co-founding Lionhead Studios with Peter Molyneux and Ian becoming Executive Chairman and then Creative Director of Eidos plc. Both have also forged roles in education and the digital economy: Steve became Professor of Games Design at Brunel University and Ian co-authored the influential Livingstone-Hope Next Gen review recommending changes in UK ICT education policy. 

Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone are thrilled to see their Fighting Fantasy series relaunched with Scholastic for the 21st Century. With appeal for fans of high-octane fantasy brands from Percy Jackson to Assassin's Creed, Fighting Fantasy gamebooks also spark ever-more important skills of problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity. The focus on the new editions of the series are for today's readers who respond to less traditional forms of narrative. Reluctant readers who often need a different gateway into books are also not forgotten. As Lauren Fortune, Editorial Director of Scholastic says: 'There is so much to appeal to young readers: the best monsters, the chance to create your own pathway through the story, the empowering, compelling set-up that in the Fighting Fantasy world, YOU are the hero.'